Winter 2012 (March)

The Winter of 2011-2012 has been a HITW historical snowfall this year.  All previously snow stacking areas have been filled to capacity with snow.  Now having to stack inside the bowl area.  Going to be a hell of mess come spring and when it all starts thawing.  Gazebo is the only weak point, however, I am sure with the engineering that went into that, it will also survive the snow load. I think, maybe, perhaps.  Worst case scenario, we can build a new one in a weekend, maybe, perhaps, I am sure.  


"The Wind Vane Is Under There Somewhere"
 Buffalo Wallow
 Wolf Den
 Bear Den
 Cook Tent Snow Removal Crew
 Duck House
 Water Tank


Winter In The Hole

Winter, 1/26/2012 at the Hole In the Wall, Anchor Point, Alaska  

Nebraska Cornhusker Flag Flying Over the HITW

Family Gazebo and Fire Pit

 "Buffalo Wallow"

"Wolf Den"

 "Beaver Lodge"

 "Duck House Museum and Recreational Building"

 "Bear Den"

"Wind Vane On Bell Tower"


Winter Of 2012

The Winter of 2011 ~ 2012 is a historic winter for the Hole In the Wall in regards to total snow accumulation,wind speeds, low temperatures, and hours expended grooming the area. The history is recorded in pictures.

"Welcome to the Hole In the Wall"

"Intersection of Bronco Lane and Messican Drive" 

"Bronco Lane"

"Tool Shed and Wood Pile"

 "Duck House"

 "Fire Pit and Gazebo"

 "Wolf Den"

 "Bear Den"

 "Buffalo Wallow"


Medical Records

Being concerned about your recent surgery, I wanted to insure that you were adhering to your Doctor's Discharge Orders.  With a few computer skills, I was able to obtain some of your medical records.  It does not appear that you are adhering to his orders.  Mild Exercise for 7 - 10 days, I am assuming that exercise could be construed as meaning anything sexual in nature.  Do not allow rough play in order to protect your stitches?  Hmm, I wonder if the above two coincide.  You have to be told not to lick you incisions?  Are you sure you had your appendix out ~ sounds familiar to an operation that Daddy Beaver recently had!

Are you sure you are telling us the entire story or is there something we need to worry about?



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