Photos (HITW Damage Assessment Report (11/25)

Photo's to accompany the Damage Assessment Report of 11/25 in the event that you have any great desire to file for any type of claim which I am sure you are not entitled to.

Receding Water Damage To
Parking Area And Green Zone

Affect On the Cook Tent From The Wind Velocity Reaching Hurricane Strength, The Roof On The Fire Pit Gazebo Does Not Leak - Standing Water is Result of Grannies Gully and Other Unnamed Temporary Streams.

Landslide and Affect that It Had On The Buffalo Wallow. Note That Grannies Gully Is Still Flowing Water Four Days Following Hurricane. Excess Material Washed Down In Landslide Can Be Utilized For Back Fill Around the "Wallow" In Order To Level Out Remaining Portion Of Lot.

Wind and Rolling Rock Damage To the "Wolf Den". When Funding Is Available And A Environmental Impact Statement Is Completed, Signage Will Be Made Available To "Watch For Rolling Rocks"

Second Gully Discovered Which Normally Will Create The HITW Glacier. Not Indicated In Original Damage Assessment, But An Excessive Amount Of Fill Material Was Also Deposited At the Base of the Ravine From the Aqua Firm Being Saturated. Majority Of This Fill Material Was High Grade Gravel With Some Indication That It could Be The Overburden Of The "Arnie Motherload". It Is Unique In That The Stream Diverts Underground For Approximately Ten Feet Before Resurfacing Between the Wolf Den and the Bear Den. This Makes The Wolf Pack Property Unique In that It Sits On A Slightly Raised Ridge Between The Glacier Field Ravine and Grannies Gully.


j, d plumma said...

And to think that we WANT running water in the pit.

RangerBill said...

Good thing you and I bladed that gravel just so, looks like it was high enough to provide protection. Are Butch and Sundance safe and dry? Apply for federal disaster relief. No on second thought, they might classify that a wetlands instead of a gravel pit.

RangerBill said...

I'll be right there with a load of sand bags, all help filling them would be nice-Shana, Heidi, Donny,
Eric, John, Stan....

Shana said...

If your coming up...I will be there filling bags...wont be the first time...Shane and I filled hundreds to save Grandmas studio a few years back. My calculations were right...I studied that slope for three years to decide how I wanted the tailor...I was hoping should that stuff slide it would fill in my parking lot instead of my trailor...no more mud for me...and I did not even need to haul the stuff yippee for storms. Just wondering if the rock that hit the wolf den was the same one papa wolf was trying to dislodge a few years back?? and I sure hope my bears were not sleeping in that tent...and are not hurt.

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