Technology Strikes HITW

This picture has nothing to do with the subject matter of this posting, but I am so proud of this shot, I just wanted to share it with you one more time.

This picture also has no bearing on my words of wisdom, but again, just wanted to share this great shot with you, one more time!

The "warning", "dinner" and just multi purpose annoying bell and the wind directional device are safely secured in my basement until spring when weather permits installation on the gazebo at the HITW. These are good additions to the HITW, in the anticipation of the forth coming season. However, in remembrance of our "original" blog (log) system at the HITW and the advancement that each of us have made in computer technology, I am very excited to announce that the HITW is now a WIFI spot for your enjoyment. Effective, today, the Eagles Nest has went wireless and broadcasting at maximum allowable strength. Due to the location of the HITW in relationship to the elevation of the Eagle Nest, you may need to lug your "tower" and keyboard with a back up battery pack to the top of the "sand hill" or on top of the gazebo to gain access to the signal.

I have also installed my "laptop" to a new printer and have them set up on Mama Eagles desk, she now has no excuse not to be on the system. She is now wireless, a good computer, and no reason not to start blogging. I have also re-activated her old email address (tlh418@yahoo.com), now it is up to all of you to entice her to join the electronic era. I would suggest that all of you bombard her mail box with email enticing her to re-activate her blog site, just a suggestion! Have a hood day day, a good evening, and a Happy New Year.


Shana said...

Welcome back mama...she will do it. But who's gonna get to ring the bell first? Oh I can not wait to open the doors to my wallow again...and move the kitchen back and level the land slide...but after that...we should be having a blast...love to my fellow clansmen.

Stan said...

On occasion I do an "on site analysis" of the varuous sites that I visit. Most recently, "Bull Buffie" made a posting about the slump he had been in but was going to start posting more in the future. Checking his site this evening, I could not help but notice that no additional postings had been made. Being that it is the 364th day of the year, I thought perhaps an "end of the year" analysis was in order. My review revealed that in the year of 2007, Bull Buffie made 11 postings in the first 364 days of the year. The following is the vital statistics, January 2007(1 Post); February (1 Post); June 2007 (7 Post; November 2007 (1 Post); and December 2007 (1 Post). Evidently his calendar does not have March, April or May nor does it have July, August, September, or October. Must be nice to live in a world where there is only five months in a year. My analysis also indicates that the word count in this comment is more than the word counts of all 11 of his postings. Way to go Buff, at least you are not letting your site lapse into the dust of time like all of the teenager's have. Where is Brit, Taylor, Siera, and Donald?

Stan said...

Hey, "Cow Buffie" all that work is also fun! You just sit back and watch the two landscapers go to work this summer, by the time Devyn and I are done, you will think that you are in a "garden of paradise". As we speak, she is preparing a list of flowers and associated plants that we will need, we are going to insure that we combat global warming by producing more greenery. I figure, with her work and my concepts, she should be done by August!

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