It is definitely spring! What a beautiful day to spend in the HITWRAWRA, warm, sunny, no wind and a few Eagles soaring overhead. Spring is underway, a few of the migratory species have returned for the season. This morning had coffee with Mother Bear, Blondie Bear was still hibernating. Later in the afternoon, the Beaver family also made their first appearance at the HITWRAWRA of the season. It was great seeing them and the "kits" along with their "new" pup. Had a great visit.

They were busy Beavers, showed up about a half hour after the "Cook Tent" was erected and lashed down for the season. I am not sure, but it appears that tracks were left on Messican Lane, presumably parked until Lady Eagle and myself had the "Cook Tent" set up. But that is all right, it was just good to see them, sit in the sun, and visit. Within five minutes of arrival, the "kits" were on the sand hill.

Had a good day in camp, the de-waterization system is once again stowed away, with the cistern containing about 25% capacity in storage for fire protection. Flower beds raked out, cleaned up, and historical heirlooms removed, cleaned, and re-installed for display purposes.

I would be remiss if I did not apologize to the Moose Clan: To date this season, I had not been on the "back" deck of the Moose Den. Lady Eagle put a trash can back there today and upon her return she asked if I had put the "moose poop" on the deck. I swear, I did not do it! Evidently, the front yard was not sufficient so they also used the door deck. A picture of a Moose standing at the door that would have been priceless. All Moose poop remains in same location that it deposited.

I also must apologize to the Moose for another observation that I made. The tree between the Bear Den and Wolf Den, has two large branches broke off from the snow load. However, the Moose also stripped the bark on these limbs and two other trees. However, today while cleaning up and with the snow being gone, I discovered my error. This spring would be a good time to plant a lawn between these two dens. No need for fertilizer, the rabbits have done an extremely good job. I have never seen so much rabbit poop. It is spread out over the entire area. It was only then that I realized I had blamed the wrong animal. The branches that had been stripped of all bark is 6 - 7 feet off the ground. But that is now, the trees were bent over with the snow load and with the assistance of the snow berms that were plowed, it was the rabbits that barked the trees. The Bear Creek Arbor tree also suffered the same barking as well as several others.

A few days ago, on the driveway into the Eagle Nest, I noticed three or four small spruce trees (3 to 5 feet high) the bark had been completely peeled off of the them about two feet from the ground and up about 18 inches or so. On extremely hard winters, I have seen Moose bark spruce trees if they are hungry. But why would they bark these small trees and it was like a knife was used to peel them. At first I thought perhaps a porcupine but now I am inclined to believe that this was also the work of the Rabbits standing on the driveway snow berms. I will leave these trees intact for your inspection.

However, we also enjoy seeing our little furry friends so we will not retaliate or go onto a extermination campaign. In fact, I may even plant them a garden for their summer enjoyment.

It was a good day, still some clean up work to accomplish as well as some maintenance chores, but we are open and operational. The Duck House is in great shape and open for use. Not wanting to embarrass the first user, I will not tell you their name but their initials is SB.

All is very good!

P.S. "Ole One Eye" had his first chase of the season, although flying at altitude of about 150 feet, Ruger scared him away.

P.S.S. "Epic" and "Dutch" had their first meeting, no problem despite their hormones, but I think "Dutch" realizes that "Epic" is just a puppy!


jd plumma said...

I might grow roots there for a week or so...

Stan said...

Now would be a excellent time to lay down your roots! You have enough rabbit fertilizer that they would grow well. By the way, I do not clean up poop, it will remain where it is dropped. I bet the "little ones" would for a "penny per pellet", they would have candy money for the entire summer! Terry and I was laughing today when we uncovered the "candy display" rack.

Stan said...

Lynx Clan and "Rohn" (talk about a very good looking dog)came into camp this afternoon. good to see them and had a good visit. They delivered the refrigerator and propane kitchen range, it will be so much faster to have that first pot of coffee now. Not to mention, no excuse for not having fresh baked pie everyday! Also delivered a very large tray of home baked goodies ~ life is good!

jd plumma said...

Those felines are always kissin' up to the man....

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