Although it would have been a great wine for breakfast,

The bottle was just a means of comparison
to the size of our biggest biscuit ever!

It really dressed up well with the 2
gallons of moose/pork/beef sausage gravy.
The large pan made a mean skillet of spuds,
bacon, onion, and eggs a few days later over
the fire pit that fed more than 10 people.
Great addition to camp. Thank you, Lynx.

Aside from roasting wieners at the fire,
the last week was a great relaxing time
to spend visiting with family and friends.
There was even a Bear sighting or two.

It was good to see most of the group and
play some ladder ball.

Looking forward to seeing the Moose clan soon
and Uncle Bill (i believe) soon after.

Thank you, Eagles, for always being the best
of hosts and company during the habitual
Memorial Day weekend camping and gathering
at the HITWRA(WRA).


Stan said...

It was a great, relaxing weekend. Time and effort well spent. That was a great "biscuit", light and fluffy, but the size of the "biscuit", could it not be classified as "biscuit cake"? Smothered in gravy, best ever but looking back, a little honey spread over it would have also been a delight, or a scoop of jam, a wallop of ice cream ~ list is endless. More please!

Stan said...

"Claire Allen" is one smart little 'b _ _ _ _", a jar of peanut butter was left out. Using her teeth and I assume paws, opened the jar and helped herself tot he peanut butter. She has left her mark on the lid of the jar.

jd plumma said...

Claire definitely seems to have gotten smarter. Maybe even trained...?
I wonder if she will like the pig?

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