Christmas Eve


With just five days remaining until Christmas Eve and our family gathering at the "Hole In The Wall" it is time to prepare and finalize the plans. We have to have a plan. Next year, we will have an election as to whom plans!

As of 2321 on Sunday, December 19, 2010 the following Clans have indicated that they will be in attendance. Best total count that I currently have is twenty eight persons of varied heights and sizes. At least two of the 28 will not be having dinner, as they bring their own dinner in the shape of bottles and nipples.

Eagle Clan (2)
Buffalo Clan (4)
Wolf Clan (5)
Moose Clan (5)
Bear Clan (3)
Lynx Clan (2)
Woodpecker Clan (5)
Brittany (2)

Beaver Clan
Raven Clan (26th Evening)

Donald (2)

Diner Menu Is As Planned On The Earlier Posting, Directly Below This Posting.

Stan: "Stan's Secret Chili" or "Seafood Spectacular Stew"
Dana: Guacamole
Marina: Baklava
Rodney: Rodney's Three Day Meat Balls In Sauce
Eagle Clan: Hot Dogs / Buns / Cheese For Chili Dogs
Crystal: Pizza (I think that Is What She Told Me)

Chili (In case mine fails due to unavailability of the secret ingredients)
Hamburgers / Buns For Chili Burgers
Hot Dogs / Buns For Chili Dogs
Plastic or Paper Bowls / Plates
Plastic Silverware
Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Alcoholic Beverage
Whatever You Want To Bring
Pre-cooking Would be Good Because We Ain't Got No Kitchen
Dogs / Burgers Can Be Cooked On the Fire Pit

Dependent on manpower and time, will start decorating on Tuesday / Wednesday.
Moose Clan brought in one truck load of firewood ~ will need to acquire additional

"Curfew Will Be Enforced at 8:00 pm for everyone under 19 so they will be asleep when Santa arrives".

Wishing All Of You A Very Merry Christmas,
It Will Be Good Having Everyone Together Once more. We have so much to be thankful for.


jd plumma said...

What heat is "Stan's Chili"?
"Seafood Spectacular"?
If you refer back to a previous comment section, there were volunteered items for this party that are not listed here in the menu. We will continue as planned previously.

Stan said...

Sorry Wolf Pack, I missed your posting. The Wolf Pack is bringing in Chili and paper plates. As to your question Lobo pertaining to the heat of my chili. Well, how do you determine that - I will be cooking it all day so it should be hot for dinner. If you are referring to spices, well considering I have never made chili, I am just guessing but my secret recipe calls for one cup of red pepper for every gallon of chili along with the diced jalapeno peppers, and several secret peppers. I figure, anyone that eats it will be enjoying it for several days! Kidding, it should be a mild, full flavored chili with substance.

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