Proclamation 2011 ~ 1


On This The 14th Day Of The New Year ~ I, The Exalted Leader Of The Clans And Member Of The Eagle Clan, Do Hereby Declare The Following Proclamation As Authentic And Approved For Adoption.

"The Vision"
As the north winds blew across the vastness of the Hole In The Wall, I finally laid my head to rest after viewing "Lonesome Dove". At 3:30 AM, on this date, I extinguished the flame of my "Hot Apple Pie" Scented Candle. The smoke from the extinguished flame drifting throughout the room.

As my eyes closed in sleep, a "vision" appeared in my subconscious state. I found myself standing alone on the vastness of the great tundra plains of northern Alaska. In the distant, the voice of the Wolf could be heard. With the eye of the Eagle, a subliminal image appeared to me as a mass migration of the Caribou topped the ridge in front of me. They approached me, unafraid as they spread around my presence and continued their journey to winter territory.
They disappeared as rapidly as they had appeared before me. The scent of smoke filled the air as I set amidst the snow covered tundra. The Caribou, a worthy animal is known to travel hundreds of miles to the north during the spring of the year to give new life to the herd. As the north winds blow, they once again return to the south to escape the elements, feed and breed. The herd is ever moving, stopping only long enough to rest, feed, breed, and give birth. Although, they are known to accomplished each of theses things even when they are moving through the wilderness of their domain.
As I sat in the trodden snow from the hooves of the Caribou, the "Snow Owl" appeared in my vision, winging it's way in the direction of the Caribou. As the Snow Owl appeared in my vision, it transitioned into a shape that I have never observed. At the speed of the owl, the object appeared as a large image, instead of legs or wings, it's movement was created by large, black round things. From the top, black smoke bellowed, filling the fresh air of the tundra with the stench of the tar beds that I have seen upon the tundra. The object of my vision was longer than anything I have seen in my domain, the sound deafening to the ears. As it passed through my vision, I saw the animal that walks up right on two legs as he pursued the Caribou across the tundra prairie.
Although, he appeared and disappeared quickly from my sight, I too had a vision of this creature of mystery. Like the Caribou, he to is always moving from the lowlands to the snow clad mountains. His migration will take him from sea to sea, in all four directions that the wind blows. As with the Caribou, he to is always on the move, pausing only long enough to rest, feed, and breed. But, also like the Caribou his also known to accomplish each of these things even when he is moving and does not have the time to stop and rest.

Taking into consideration of the images that came to me in my "Vision", I the Grand Poo-Pa, and member of the Eagle Clan do hereby declare, decree, and confirm that my brother William Dwayne Harrington, also known as Bill, Billy, and Willy will henceforth be declared the "Caribou Clan" and welcomed to the Hole In The Wall as a member after he has adhered to the traditions of membership.

Although decreed by "vision", membership is not automatic until certain "Conditions of Clanning" are completed at the Council of the Fire Pit.
It is therefore decreed, to be Clanned as the "Caribou" you must appear in person before the Exalted Grand Poo-Pa and those Clans In Membership. As with all Clans, you must not only present yourself but you are also required to gather and present certain items as "contributions" to the Hole In the Wall.
As the Caribou, with the ability to travel great distances, you are tasked with presenting upon your appearance at the "Fire Pit" one license plate from each of the fifty states which comprises our union. The dates of the license has no consequence nor where or how you obtain them. You are permitted to request assistance from others in obtaining these objects. Upon completion and submission of said objects, you will then assist in "slapping a 90" and the construction similar in shape to the "HITW Welcome Sign". Material and assistance will be provided to you in the construction of this project.

It is furthermore decreed that you will also present one written document which will be formulated in poetic form and pertaining to the Caribou. This document with words in rhyme should also include reference to the other Clans.

All Clans look forward to your Induction into the "Hole In The Wall"


Stan said...

In the event that you so decide to deviate from the collecting of license plates, all license plates must adhere to the regulation size of license plates affixed to motor vehicles. Miniature license plates on a bead chain do not qualify. I stress this because during my last visit to a "truck stop" I noted these miniature plastic license plates on a display board as key chains. To assist,the State of Hawaii may be your most difficult. Joe Barnett lives in Hawaii and I do believe the Wolf Clan will be venturing across the big water in February.

jd plumma said...

ooh, ooh! caribou!

Stan said...


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