Colors Retired

The colors that fluttered with pride while overlooking the Hole In the Wall Recreational Area, were lowered at 2:38 pm on Wednesday, marking the closing ceremony for this spring, summer and fall season. It took a little longer to close down this year, perhaps it was because we did not want to see the season end although poor weather conditions, illness, other priorities and a slight case of laziness were all factors.

All the dens and wallows have been secured with a variety of colored tarps, blue, silver, and gray, almost like a rainbow coalition. That was a simple chore this season since the Wolf Pack and Bear Covey (what is a bunch of Bears called?) had already covered their homes. The "Duck House" Recreational Center and Museum also sports a new "Blue" tarp and perfect storage area for fish!

The Cook Tent remains in place, although hesitant at first I finally conceded t0 the pressure of the Lady Eagle and took her advice, which now I have to admit was solid and well thought out. It was her idea, since parts to the sliding door at the end of the tent were lost, was to replace it with the end from the Buffalo Tent, it did fit perfect and a much better system that the original end piece. Prior to storing the remaining portion of the Buffalo tent, she came up with the concept to simply place that tent over the top of the cook tent, again her thinking was logical and it was simple enough to accomplish and it fit perfectly. The Cook Tent is now double roofed, securely lashed to the decking with nylon straps and screws and all seams covered with "Duct Tape". I did a quick engineering test on it after it was completed, the Cook Tent is now secure enough to withstand Williwaws in the range of 85 to 125 knots and withstand snow loads of less than 5.3 feet of snow. All remaining items, chairs, tables, tarps, buckets, counters, sink, coolers, kindling and dunnage are stowed neatly inside the tent a waiting spring.

Several new surprises await you for next spring, I could tell you now but why spoil a good winter of anticipation! While I completed the final area clean up and hauled garbage, she once again manned the ladder with paint brush in hand and put the final coat of stain on the roof of the Fire Pit Gazebo, the project is now completed until spring when a second coat of stain will be required and some minor repairs. The winter will be spent in conceptual planning for spring, several new projects in mind which should enhance the purpose of the project. Looking forward to seeing the affect of the Wolfette Landscaping Project, flowers will bloom there! With the onslaught of the fall typhoons, the flowering bushes have flourished and in full blossom, the bush at the Moose Wallow has tripled it's original size and completely covered with blossoms leading me to believe that they require a lot of water.

It was a good year, next year can only be better and we look forward to that.


RangerBill said...

Can't wait for future developments

JD Plumma said...

Thanks, again, for taking care of what is out of our grasp at this time. Although steelhead fishing the Anchor is a fleeting - but vivid - thought in my head, I digress.

Heidi said...

That make me home sick, 8 more months 'till MAY!

Shana said...

With a lap top and a writing career...I need an inspirational offince...I see in my head...the colors flying high...my babies playing in the mud, a fire in the pit...and me...writing away the summer in paradise.....oh wait...slaving hard to earn some money.

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