"Legends Of the Fall"

The colors of the fall are just now starting to settle in the valley of the "Hole In the Wall", the river is quiet as we watch the slow transition from one season to the next.
Soon, the colors will intensify and the sound of the geese will be heard as they
also commence their journey southward.
One day soon, we will see the ice starting to form along the edges of our river, followed by a blanket of snow.
In time, the snow and frost will yet again yield to the green grasses of spring and the cry of the geese will be heard once again on their northward journey.
Although the seasons and the landscape are always changing,
the one constant is that this will always be our home.
For those that are visiting the site, this is the Anchor River. The picture was shot from the Anchor River Bridge on September 5th by Dick Bedard.


Stan said...

Just took a peek at my old doppler! It is ugly all around us, you can expect continued rain for awhile - might know it would come with the fall chores and deadlines to meet - but we shall endure a few dew drops!

Shana said...

of course...I just fixed the lawn mower...now I will have to rent a tractor....the lawn is so long.

Heidi said...

What a wonder fun rainy weekend!! I have never enjoyed it more.

RangerBill said...

I swear I saw a few snow flakes in the air in Denver this morning.

Stan said...

First you see fall colors in the fall and not inthe spring, then you see snowflakes in Denver when it was 72 degrees at Mile High today. I think you had best make your trip to Iowa through Beaver, Utah and get your head stright!

RangerBill said...

Not Iowa, Ohio

RangerBill said...

I can't believe how badly I am dragging my feet on this trip. I am six days on the road, still not there yet. Tonight near St. Lou

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