Trinkets For the Clans

Will be heading home with a few trinkets for each of the family clans, compliments of Ranger Bill, temporarily has the clan name of "henohavename", in the Navajo and Arapahoe dictionary that means "a man with no name", however,while a the bottom of the Capital Reef today, I had a slight vision, however, I need a clearer vision as it could have been a mild case of heat stroke that I was feeling. In the homeland of Butch Cassidy, I would love to find some kind of sign bearing his name, even if I have to steal it! Perhaps,I will return to Butch Cassidy Gully tomorrow. Come this spring, I will be wearing a new hat that says U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA CVS-38. Ranger Bill just happened to find it in a store while he was looking at some other hats. My first ship, there cannot be that many of us around that there would be market for a Shangri-la hat. Did the rain gutters get installed on the Gazebo?


Shana said...

OH I love presents!!!wish henohavename would come north...hey daddy...it's snowing!!! real snow!!! remind me in January I felt this thrill.....mom is with you...dont spoil your rep...send the messican for the sign!! Where would he come up with a hat for a ship that is no longer in action??? cool!!

gutters are on!! Watch the tent...mama bear and her babies kinda liked it and may chose to sleep there.

RangerBill said...

Hehavenoname? How absolutlely Navajoish. I won't have to be in the all encompassing "duck clan" any longer. Yatahey my Alaskan kinfolk.

RangerBill said...

Shoot I might even become a code talker.

RangerBill said...

Gaaads, I have to learn to spell my new name.... Henohavename

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