Cabin Update

Due to the effort of our good friend Jon, we are now on track for construction of the first phase. He called today and gave us the number to the representative at the local lumber yard in LA. Contacting them, we were able to complete the final aspect of payment and coordination of the delivery. The flat bed will be loaded out this week, should be delivered as early as this weekend or the first couple days of next week. All the material is on this load with the exception of the doors and windows which are ordered. Jon has offered to bring those down when he comes down the following weekend if they are ready to pick up.
The fork lift operator has been notified and will arrive on scene given an hours notice of the unload, then it is just a matter of tarping the material until we are ready for construction. It does look like it is going to become reality or we are going to have a huge pile of dimensional dunnage.


j, d plumma said...

That news is pretty exciting. You will find a tarp large enough behind the Buffalo wallow.

Heidi said...

and another smaller grey one in front of mine... tarp that is. Will we be building for my birthday?

Stan said...

Looks like the planning will occur on your birthday weekend. We can always clear out the Cook Tent and store the lumber in there and go back tothe old days of cooking over an open fire like our ancestors.

Stan said...

One thing I failed to mention, being that women are nomally more adapt in choosing colors. When considering the color of stain you will beusing for hte exterior and the trim, the roof will be asphalt shingles, Three tab, and the co,or is Antique Brown.

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