New Service At The HITW

For those that have school age children, but would still like to spend a little more family time at the HITW, a new service has been added for the benefit of those residing at the HITWRA.

I was not aware of it until this afternoon, while basking in my chair on Mexican Drive watching the slash pile burn. I could not help but notice this yellow vehicle stop at the intersection of the Old Sterling Highway and Private Drive. With warning lights flashing, the doors opened and out popped a student on her way home from school. She was met Private Drive by her much younger brother. Although, a thick cloud of smoke enveloped the area they were not aware that anyone was around. The young boy, could not resist making an attempt to scale the sand hill. Nearing the top, he heard Ruger barking and looked in our direction. I was holding Ruger by the collar as not to scare the poor little kid to death. But, just the bark sent him scurrying back down the slope and heading up the drive to catch up with his sister.

Now that school bus service has been established, perhaps with time we can petition the bus contractor and see if we can get them to update their bus line, at least something in the 1960 vintage range.


Stan said...

Happy Birthday to Ranger William "Bill" Dwaine Harrington who turns LIII today, in the event you do not fully appreciate the Roman Numeral method of counting, he was born in Montrose, Colorado on November 1955. He was the only one in our family where mom had to be taken to the hospital in a taxi. Tad had borrowed the only vehicle we had to go out on a date with strict instructions to call every hour on the hour. I guess Julia Pottengier occupied more of his thoughts than the potential arrival of a little brother or sister since he never called and came home only after we received the news that we had another brother. Only two of the Harrington children were born in a hospital, the other six of us were born at home. On our first trip into the wilderness of Alaska, he was still wearing diapers, something that he continues to do on occasion, especially when driving those high mountain passes in Colorado in his eighteen wheeler but you did not hear that from me. Happy Birthday Brother, we have had a great run.

Stan said...

One has to wonder, why I can remember the name of Tad's girlfriend which was fifty three years ago and I can't even remember the names of any girlfriends that I had. Oh, I remember, I did not have any until I met my beautiful, wonderful wife. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill!

So the school bus means we have kid neighbors? That's cool! Do you think we can get the bus to run in the summer? and to make a run anchorage weekly??

Heidi said...

Oh yeah we made it home safe again... if we would have waited an hour longer it would have been white out through the pass.

Heidi said...

did you check out the "live feed" section on the right bottom --->

its kinda cool to see who has been here!

Stan said...

Yes, we do have two kids in the neighborhood now, however, I am not sure if they will be here come summer. I think they are just house sitting the "key" house. Big burn pile gone as of today, well a few of those water laden logs are still smoldering. Burning out that area widened the driveway and made a very nice campsite for weekend motor home parking and still run a generator. The only site that has a view of Lower Kroc Lake, sits on the little bluff just above the lake. Kind of cute if it was not so far away for the fire pit - but that could be good to at times.

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