Christmas at HITW

As we viewed the humble tree
a lot the lights did tell us.
For around that tree the love was free
and would have made Chuck Brown jealous.

It may not be spectacular.
It may not scream of gold.
Our little tree with love around
made a story to be told.

Upon the wall the heater burned
and warmed our foot and hand
but the joy I felt on Christmas eve
could have warmed the entire land.

As goodies left upon a plate
were a picture of good cheer,
there were cookies for the jolly elf
and corn chips for his deer.

The gifts were opened by the girls,
we had coffee in our cups.
The dogs got some Christmas treats
and, even, some new pups.

A warmest thanks to Stan and Terry
for putting forth so much.
It never would have been so grande
without their special touch.

To gather and exchange some gifts
- the time with spirits furled -
Was closeness that cannot be matched
with anything of this world.

A warm thank you to all of those
who shared their precious time.
This Christmas meant so much to me
with love and peace sublime.

Be safe and have a happy new year, clans.
Looking forward to many more hours
with you this coming year.


Stan said...

It was a great Christmas celebration, best of all was that it was a first for the HITW. First Christmas at the Hole In the Wall, with both cabins put to use for entertainment and sleep as they were intended. The fire pit was ablaze with bowls of chili being shared. The only thing that could have been better was four cabins brightly lighted, but that is for next year if all goes well. I am sure Shane looked down upon us and it brought an instant smile to know laughter was coming from his cabin and his loved ones were with family on this day.

Golden Granny said...

The pleasure was ours. Our family's togetherness made this a very special Christmas. Thanks!

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