Labor Day

Took advantage of the "Day of Labor" and laid in a
winter supply of firewood for the Hole In the Wall Recreational Area. Perhaps, in the next couple of days I will find the time to cut the "kindling"stock which is now drying on
the "saw buck" for the final drying stage. At present, a hastily stacked pile of "kindling" awaits the "saw buck". Should have enough "kindling" available to last into Memorial Day Weekend.

The roof of the "Gazebo" has been restored after the initial destruction of the
fire that occurred one week ago. (See Previous Posting) Although, the "Bell Tower" and roof was not restored to original condition. Making good use of the coil nailer,
a new shingle roof was laid. The material from the "lap sided roofing" is neatly stacked and awaiting for some youngster that wants to build a fort or tree house.

After a couple days of cutting a bunch of shingles at an angle, the new
roof was completed and laid to rest. Bull Buffie assisted in installing a new rain gutter system
around the perimeter of the roof line with one drain line which passes
through the rock work and then underground to the "water collection center". From the roof of the "gazebo, we should retain enough water in the cistern to fight any future fires if
they should occur.

At the end of the Labor Day Weekend,
all is quiet at the "Hole In The Wall".
This perhaps, is the only picture ever taken of the HITW
that a vehicle is not in the parking area.
The "Fire Pit" will get a new face lift
over the next several days.
All Is Good.


real eyez said...

Looks as though the trees are still green! I was expecting yellow or leafless!
It is still fairly warm here, the last few days have been over 70!
Not sure if helping in the cabin this summer was such a good thing. I now have a list of home improvement chores that I want to have done and I know how to do it! We will see once little guy gets here my ambition my fizzle quickly as my sleep is deprived!

jd plumma said...

Beautiful rooftop on the gazebo! I hardly notice the charred edges on the bell tower. Good to hear the underground plumbing was a success. Has any liquid been present in the new gold mine (Duck House)? Might consider a good pumping into the loo. Thanks - by the way - for putting up will all of us giving you s#~@ most of the summer.

RangerBill said...

The pit looks lonely. Nice view however from atop Pervert Pass. Did you remember to drain the Water Tank? if not you may be sorry...
Nice job on the gazebo. And Shana-nice choice of color on that cabin...

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