"Fire In the Hole"

Tragedy struck the "Hole In The Wall Recreational Area" on Sunday evening when a fire contained in the approved fire pit under the Gazebo got out of control. Due to the quick response of the three, highly trained volunteer HITW firefighters, the fire station was activated, hose laid out, and pumps applying water pressure within three minutes. They managed to contain the blaze to "bell tower". The superstructure of the Gazebo was not damaged in the fire due to the automatic activation of the water sprinkler system . Other than the total destruction of the "bell tower" the only damaged occurred to the family collection of "yager" decanters. Seven bottles sat on the wall, five fell down but broke only one. One of the firefighters was heard singing the song, "seven yagers sitting on the wall, one fell down, six bottles of yager sitting on the wall, one fell down, etc.
Although alcohol did not contributed to the accident, several valuable lessons were learned. (1) Gasoline should never be used to start a fire in the Gazebo, especially 2.5 gallons of mixed gasoline for the chain saw. (2) Flames in the fire pit should not exceed the safety altitude of 2.8 feet. (3) To activate the the fire hydrant, the pump must be plugged into shore power. (4) In the event of a fire, all present at the scene are considered "firefighters", lawn chairs should not be removed to the outer perimeter of the gazebo so you can have a comfortable chair to watch the fire. (5) Jumping up and down and screaming "FIRE" has no positive affect in getting the fire under control. (6) Getting a bag of marsh mellows from the cook tent and a roasting fork is not considered humerus. (7) When a fire is raging within the confines of the gazebo, it really does not do any good to continuously "ring that damm bell" all present were acutely aware that a fire was occurring. (8) Running around in a circle in the parking lot while screaming the sounds of a fire truck siren is also not required.
Renovation on the "bell tower" commenced on Monday and expected to be completed within the week, dependent on the quantity of moisture laden cloud formations. The one broken yager bottle will need to be replaced, but the tower bell withstood the heat, although blackened, it continues to beckon the greetings to the HITW.


jd plumma said...

Sounds like I missed a hot time in the pit!
It won't be much of a chore to get that decanter replaced. I hope the automatic sprinkler system was recharged and brought back up to code and inspected. Good to hear of the speedy response by our HITW Fire Brigade! Good show!

RangerBill said...

Did the Good Book survive the fire?

RangerBill said...

Why do I suspect that alcohol was really involved

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