Could It Be "Spring"

Although, we still have 40 to 50 days that we could expect winter, it really appears that it is trying to change seasons. I was reminded of this today when I crossed the Anchor River Bridge. There is 18 to 24 inches of water running over the top of the ice. The upper river is showing signs of ice heaving and breaking so we could see an early break-up on the river this year.

Weather report is for continued weather that we have been seeing the past week. Night time temperatures falling just below freezing but mid forties during the day. If the river breaks, I would guess that it is going to occur within the next three or four days.

Guess, I should go down and shovel the remaining snow off the deck of the "Cistern" and rig the bilge pumps, it won't belong before they are needed.

If anybody has any ideas about parking this summer, I would appreciate some input. Would surely like to try to keep the "bowl area" open as much as possible. Not only to give us more space and atmosphere but also as a safety zone for the "little ones" that do not always watch out for vehicles backing up.

Any other suggestions and comments are also appreciated pertaining to any topic, the Executive Committee will take them into consideration. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Grand Poopah and for those that fear a Monarchy, the duly elected "Little Poopah" is also on the Executive Committee to give it a "fair and balance" forum.


real eyez said...

My suggestion is this:

Gate off the community except for vehicles to load or off load I say put the gate about the sign and then we need to make parking areas for our vehicles to allow for more parking space or if need be, camping space.

Heidi said...

I agree... we clear some alders around the bronco for parking, and gate it off at the sign.

real eyez said...

Heath says he installed a yard light so he could park his boat under it to do gear work. He thinks each founding resident should be able to park one vehicle in front of his/her cabin for loading and unloading and for stereo entertainment as well as those early morning latte/cig runs when a person just wants coffee/nicotine and not to be stared at walking across the pit to get to there vehicle. By the way this is the bull moose and this is my first "comment" ever on a blog sight. Just thought I would put in my two cents.

real eyez said...

He sounds so formal!

real eyez said...

See what happens when you have an open forum? You get all kinds of people leaving comments! lol Just joking. HI HEIDI! YOU COMMENTED! Where is the Plumber? The Buffie? Ranger Bill?

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