Dedicated to John Da Plumma

Today, I was out on the Homer Spit and witnessed something just short of spectacular. While I was there, enjoying myself trying to photograph Eagles in flight, I captured this shot. When I saw the boat coming around from behind the Homer Dock, I thought of John and how many times in his past had me made this same trip; around the tip of the Homer Spit on his way out to sea and the fishing grounds. Hope it brings back some good memories!

"Wishing You Fair Winds, Following Seas, and God Speed"


Stan said...

Click and blow it up to full size ~ looks good.

jd plumma said...

That does tug at a passel of memories.
Great depth in the mountains. I don't need to tell a Navy man how small one can feel while on the water. Humbling, at the least.

real eyez said...

nice shot Stan!

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