Historical Hole In The Wall

The Hole In The Wall Recreational Area is more than just a "family compound" to escape the stress of daily life. It is a place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and sit around the fire and spend family time.

However, it is also a place of history. The name is derived from the days of the early west, most notably Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, self proclaimed leaders of the "Hole In The Wall Gang". This tidbit of history was borrowed, as the recreational area is also hidden from sight, much the same as the original "Hole In the Wall".

With the settlement of the area and the first construction, a second part of the western United States history transpired. Little time passes in the Hole In The Wall that reference is not made to the great cattle drive from Texas to Montana. Captain Woodrow Call and Captain Gus McCrae, former Texas Rangers are often quoted from their journals of the 2,500 mile cattle drive. This saga has become such a historical significance to the recreational areas that even the "bad guys" such as "Blue Duck" is often referred to.

However, before the arrival of Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Captain Call , and Captain McCrae an additional historical event occurred to open the west to migration. This event included to Harrington's; Henry Harrington and H.M. Harrington. Perhaps, this significant event should also become a part of the history of the Hole In the Wall. To learn more about this history, all you have to do is click on the link.


real eyez said...
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real eyez said...
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jd plumma said...

I remember chuckling about that song as a teen. Great stuff, although not Harrington specific. Family records, I'm sure, place forefathers in many different places in national history.

My family has history with the pilgrims :


Stan said...

I wish I could get Sean Connery to narrate my family history. That was sad to hear that the pilgrims took their blunderbust's and shot the Indians, at least in my family history we let the Indians win!

Stan said...

Note To All: Got a phone call from Ranger Bill. Unknown to me, his new lady friend (Dana) also holds a CDL and drives truck. The two of them applied for a "team driving" job with Swift Meats out of Greely driving refrigerator rigs. They were both hired and now driving our national highways and by-ways as a team delivering fresh ground round to the distributors. Spike has rejoined the duo and riding shotgun.

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