Memorial Day Weekend Menu

With spring coming on, the first major camping rendezvous will occur on Memorial Day Weekend which is the weekend of Saturday, May 29 ~ Monday, May 31st. We have plenty of time to get things set up the latter part of April and early May.

However, each year we seem to always go through the problems of planning menu's. I have made some initial selections. I thought perhaps you could review them by clicking on the name as a link.

Also, since everyone has access to post on this site, if not contact the Web Master, just be careful because at times she takes on the personality of a female wolf, I forgot what they are called. If you have a choice and would like to add it to the list, please feel free to tack it on. I am sure if we all work on the list together, we can eliminate the problem of "what are going to have for dinner tonight"! Keep in mind, your choices should be K.I.S.S. so no one person is working over a "hot fire pit" all day.


Stan said...

Just checked things out. Snow is moistly gone from roof tops. A little gravel showing on Bronco Lane. Run off from gazebo is puddling up, time to shovel off the deck of the cistern and get ready to activate the pumps. Continues as is, should be pumping next week. 12:30pm 3/31/2010

jd plumma said...


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