Out of Contact

Sorry, that I have not been keeping you informed on the progress at the HITW or the weather results of my Doppler Radar site, but I have been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather and complete construction, so I have been burning up some hours. I would be on schedule, however, I decided to add a second story on the Gazebo. I thought the concept would be good, it will make a good watch tower for Ranger Bill to sit and watch for "Blue Duck", you never know when he will come riding in.
Silver fishing is slow, fish have just started to show up so the Derby is going to be interesting, those who are good should find success - for the rest of you - well I will share! Daddy Bear fished yesterday morning, took a nice "Silver" at the Bridge Hole - upon a closer examination it was a fine "Red Salmon" so there goes the theory that Red Salmon will not bite, especially on a good, gooey gob of salmon eggs. Needless to say, he made the sport fishing report. Speaking of that, time to call in and go back to work.


Shana said...

two story huh...then we have more seating area....cant wait to get there and see the progress.

JD Plumma said...

Are you sure that sockeye wasn't an Atlantic salmon that had lost it's way?

RangerBill said...

Wish I was there. I acquired some clan tokens which I will send North soon. I figure that each figurine could sit on a shelf in the Gazebo letting all know that the particular clan was present and accounted for. Otherwise they would be safely stowed away awaiting the arrival of their respective clan. Got five-Bear, Buffalo, Wolf, Moose, and Eagle. Accumulating clan headresses also. I have the bear and duck headresses. Looking for the rest.

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