Where Has The Summer Gone

All though the dog days of August is upon us, we still have guests in the HITW. Despite that it has rained steady for the past week, the Buffalo Clan has held tough with an occasional nightly visit from Papa Bear.
Although not completely finished, (roof needs painting) the new addition to the campground is a great improvement. I think we have passed the fire test, if we watch our fire but have discovered that rain gutters will also be a benefit so that will be a one day spring project. Perhaps with an attached cistern or holding tank to take advantage of the run off for dish washing or using in the hot tub. We could run a line down from the gutters to a coiled system in the bottom of the fire pit with an outlet, then we could have hot running water!
Silver Salmon fishing remains slow, although we have been picking up some limit catches out of our Honey Hole. By now, everyone has no doubt heard about the axle being ripped out of the Bear Truck after the Moose, Buffalo Calf and Papa Bear discovered the Old Wise Eagle had snuck away from them and picked up a limit of Silver Salmon under the bridge while they were running up and down the tidal zone at 11 a.m. in the morning. I think the Wolf Pack had a similar situation when one of the Wolf Pups wanted to go up and fish next to that "old man", not knowing it was the Grand Old Eagle. Young'ums are so easily fooled!
As we speak, I have a batch of flavored salmon in the smoke house. One flavor has been marinated in Lemon / Black Pepper Sauce, a second was marinated in Mesquite Sauce and the third is a Steak / Chop Marinating sauce. Papa Bear recently did one in a Hot Wings marinating sauce, it was very good - almost reminded me the time that I was in the South Pacific and had a batch of Smoked Flying Fish. That is all!
P.S. Ranger Bill called tonight, he had the hammer down in Gallup, New Mexico hoping to make it to Beaver before his hours ran out. He sounded very happy, he was whistling the song, "Six Days on the Road and I will be in Beaver tonight".


JD Plumma said...

Ha! Ha! First comment!
Do you like pickled salmon?
Haven't tried it yet - jarred yesterday.

real eyez said...

Ooohhh, that sounds good John! Excited to see all the changes in HITW campground! Hopefully will make it down to see it!

RangerBill said...

And if you know the words to my tune just sing along...
Six days on the road and I'mm
gonna see some Beaver tonite..

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