Here's looking at some recipes

In case the salmon head "sees" it's way to
your home, I found some recipes that could keep
this delicacy from going to waste.

"Salmon Fish Head Soup"

"Grilled salmon head"

“Fried salmon head with some sort of spice combo I can’t remember”

Last but, definitely, not least -
"Food for thought"

In conclusion, many expensive dishes could
have been (and might, still be) made with a nice,
large king salmon head. It would be a shame
for such a treat to go to waste.

Who hasn't had possession? Keep your eyes out
for it !
May I recommend some kool-aid for drinks?


Stan said...

Some great looking recipes, I will start walking the river and see if I can retrieve some extra "heads" for you. I will stow them in your den for you. A brain that small, how can it so easily outsmart me, I am slightly above average intelligence give or take a few percentage points. I guess the eye ball of the fish is quite good as a frozen dessert and served in a wine glass with a good vintage of Boone's Farm.

Shana said...

I used to sell heads to people for soup...frequently they brought me in samples...I never ate them...gross!! I was told if you remove the eyeball...roll it in a salt and sugar mixture...cool it for a couple hours and serve chilled with a warm cup of saki...dessert!....Would take several cups of saki for me to eat sweat and salty eyeballs!!

j, d plumma said...

Any extra heads acquired would mean so little in comparison to the 36 lb monster you caught a couple of weeks back. As to where this beast's thoughts reside at the current time,
one should know that "fermented" salmon is as desired as bear bladder
on the market in some nations. To hold the head (although morbid) should carry some prestige at this point.
Many have eaten eyes - in many different ways - and survived to share the recipe(s).
Saki MIGHT be a key factor along with bets, dares, and strange cultural famine from the past.

Stan said...

Quietness in Blogland.

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