Final Test Completed

For the fourth and fifth time this year, I have had to activate the de-waterization project. Today's test was the final test to convince me that it is a flawless project and will benefit the HITW. Today, the maximum pumping time to de-water the small containment area was 23 minutes. The emergency set up of the pipeline system to activate the pumping took eight minutes from start to the first surge of water at the distribution point. Within the next week to ten days, the Bobcat will be moved in and two "catch basins" will be dredged and capped. These basins will be three times the size of the test basin and taken to an unknown depth at this time.
It is hoped that the same type of aggregate can be found in the catch basin that was found at the site of the depository. In the event, that this aggregate is found, they could possibly become self baling and the use of pumps will be required only in emergencies and during periods of high water levels. Although the test hole for the de-waterization project was overflowing, the same amount of rain had no affect on the depository due to the aggregate and ability to drain. This hole was dry. Within the next couple of weeks, this site will be covered with Duck House II.

Before the Duck House II Project can go forth from the drafting table, we must first complete a "endangered specie" impact report. The current inhabitants must be clearly identified as to whether they are on the endangered specie list. Although, a professional trapper transferred two inhabitants from the area, additional members of the specie have taken refuge in the area. It is possible that two different species are currently inhabiting the location, one specie appears to be much larger than the original specie spotted in the area.


Stan said...

While I was de-watrering, moved the big propane heatrer into the Wolf Den. A small, wall mounted heater is going to be sufficient to heat the cabin. My propane heater brought the temperature up to unbearable in about ten minutes. It was effective enough that there is a strong odor of Cedar in the air.

Stan said...

P.S. While sitting in the "sauna" of the Wolf Den, I took inventory. The neatly arrnaged stacks of sheetrock looked rather small. However, upon rough estimates of what is required and the inventory of each size sheet, if no measurement errors are made, we will have one sheet of both 1/2" and 5/8" in excess which is a good safety margin.

j, d plumma said...

Sounds like good odds for even a plumber and a fisherman. I put a few small pieces away for the plumber's part, also.
Would you believe a light turned on while reading YOUR post? You may have tapped the "drainage" vein!
It would be a short trench from the existing sump...what's really down there - gold!?

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