Duck House ~ "How To Tips, Part VI"

Contrary to popular beliefs and a previous comment made, I have been working! The weather was just to nice to pass up and it is so nice and quiet at the HITW. Well, except when I have to turn the generator on to power the air compressor which seems to have a problem with the length of the secondary extension power line. The normal power tools don't seem to mind but my antiquated air compressor begs for more power. Sure wish I had my other air compressor back, then I would have solitude.

Today, the rafters were put in and secured. I am happy to report that all of the little birdies kept their mouth shut and they fit snugly into place. Bird blocks are also installed and secured. In case I am to busy to blog tomorrow, I expect to install the nailers and finish the siding at the front and rear peaks. Cut out one of my form fitting rafters and frame in the sky light, install the soffits as well as the gable end at the rear of the building. Perhaps, if time permits start laying the plywood on the roof.

For some reason, I think the birds believe that I am building them a new home. After I finished the cofferdam on the pit, a Magpie stopped by to visit while I was sitting in a nearby chair. He walk all around the perimeter of the cofferdam, peering down into pit. Today, while sitting in the same chair and continuing my contemplation, a Canadian Jay stopped by and had to inspect the the ridge beam by strutting back and forth. The first sea gull visited the HITW by landing in the middle of the parking lot, but that is a different story which I will not go into. While on the subject of birds, although I have not actually witnessed their presence. They seem to like the color of the trim on the Wolf Den. The ridge beam that extends beyond the roof line must make a nice perch, the "Blueberry" color is now highlighted with patches of white. I assume, they could not wait for the "Duck House" to be completed. This morning each of the roof tops on the cabins were white with frost, would have been neat to see a little smoke curling up from a chimney, but I guess we had better install a stove first.


Heidi said...

Nice looking building, looks like a mini cabin. Tell those birds to quit pooping on my house!

Stan said...

Yes, it is designed to look similar, so during our expansion we maintain an architectural theme, better known as a covenant. Right now facing one problem, due to the fauna and floral that surrounds the new structure, Lady Eagle thinks it should be painted in a the same color and trim as the Wolf Den due to the green. Although, I agree with her, that shade of green would look good but I am very concerned that the Alpha Wolf, after consuming a few malt beverages may mistakenly sleep in the "outhouse" all night thinking that it was your cabin. Currently, I have several paint patches laying on the desk awaiting a final decision. Lest I forget, with the price of groceries going up, yestrday while I was in Homer to pick up some building marterial, I got a rumor that a Beaver killed a Moose. A very large Moose and several miles from the shoreline of a large lake. Spent several days packing it out by himself to the lake. Now that Beaver has a den full of meat, you would think it would be shared, especially if it is cut and wrapped.

j, d plumma said...

Didn't mean to just say you were only playing cards. Nice work on the Duck House II! Wish we could be there to help.

Wolf den? Green?!

Stan said...

Ahh, don't worry about not being here to help, I am preparing to "To Do List" for spring ~ plus I don't like anyone watching me when I work, I make enough errors all by myself. Work is progressing but unfortunately, it is slower now that I am having to wear a kevlar flak jacket, helmet, and duck flying bullets ~ not the place to discuss the details.

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