1st Silver Salmon

1st Silver Salmon
Grandson Hunter S. Harrington
Anchor River, Alaska
August 19, 2009
13.5 Pounds

Fourth Generation Of The Harrington Family
Fishing The Anchor River
1954 ~ 2009

Three days prior to the 5th Annual Harrington Memorial Silver Salmon Tournament on the Anchor River, it appears that it is going to take a "big" Silver Salmon to win the coveted title as "Top Rod". Current record holder is 16.5 pounds, if you have not heard the story, I will gladly share it with you. Although, we have seen two big fish the past couple days, fishing would still be classified as "just starting". The secret to successful fishing on the Anchor River right now is the wearing of chartreuse "krocs". To wit, the proud father of Hunter, himself a masterful fishermen failed to land a silver Salmon on this outing.

Tournament time on Saturday, August 22nd is 0400 to 1200. Official scales are appropriately hanging from the new "Moose Wallow". The largest Silver Salmon a.k.a. Coho Salmon wins the Tournament. Winner takes all. High Tide is at 0445 measuring 22.3 feet at Anchor Point. Low tide is at 1045 measuring -3.3 in the event you want to fish for clams. The bell will toll at 0330 as a "wake up" call on the 22nd and make your own damm coffee.


jd plumma said...

Nice job, Hunter!! I will be in luck if "country fish" have similar character as "city" fish, but haven't SEEN a 10 lb coho here (let alone 13). Don't know if I can retrieve 'em...

RangerBill said...

Nice catch. I knew that deck would become a fish processing station.

RangerBill said...

Is the Silver run looking any better than the Kings?

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