"Spring" Conditions

With the recent warming, winding, rainy, and non freezing temperatures our snow pack has declined approximately six inches this past week. With the current conditions, the Anchor River is now flowing a "bank to bank" volume of water, of course it is flowing on top of the ice which has yet to break out.

Although, I am optimistic that spring is near, I reserve the right to be wrong. Knowing, that we can get a lot of snow come March. Reportedly, again, the "woodman" told me today that he is going to bring in his "Bobcat" and carve out a road so he can retrieve his slab trailer that has been snow bound since his first load of wood. If he does this, then I can follow him in with the "ole plow" and by carving out a half blade at a time, possibly push some snow to the sides of the bowl. Surely would like to be able to get in there and commence working in early April.

Another good sign of spring, today we saw a "fuzzy back woodpecker" feeding at our suet feeder, a very pretty bird, I did not realize that they made woodpeckers that small. Not that a little woodpecker has anything to do with it, but it was good to see the Bear Clan back on the net and posting.

I sneak into the crawl space every once in awhile and "strike the bell", I always get the same response from the lady of the house, "quit whacking that bell", of course that begs for an immediate response from me, "I will whack that bell anytime I want". A classical line from "Lonesome Dove", prior to summer you may want to watch that movie.

I came real close to having a "vision" last night, but then I decided it must have been an affect from the number of "Miller Chills" that I consumed during the Texas Hold'em Tournament last evening. Last night was the last game of the 13 week series in this tournament, I came in at 2nd Place and in good position for the Championship Round that will be played tonight. Might want to consider brushing upon your poker playing before summer sets in.

Have almost decided that I will fully retire this summer which also includes retirement from my two hour daily chore all summer. Did not do the Snow Rondi Auction tonight, retired from that as well. I did them for thirteen years, thought it was time.

Damm, I have been making all of my posting as of late on Word, just discovered that they finally got spell check fixed on Blogger. I am so happy, takes so little to make me happy these days.


j, d plumma said...

The 'peckers are bigger in LA. Must be the smog...
Good to hear the spell-check got you working again.

Heidi said...

ahh ...spring.... I have my saving saving...it is getting to be the time for some planning!!

Shana said...

oh I can not wait till it is warm enough to sleep in my trailer at night...I will come help get it ready for the weekend...got lots of people here to take care of Britts transportation needs...and Noe is driving now too....oh yah....watch for the slow "grandma" that is probably Noe....hehe

Stan said...

Noe is driving! What a scary thought, don't tell me that Brit is even getting close to that age! Double scary!!

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