HITW Spring Report

My eldest daughter, Lady Buff, asked a couple of days ago for an update on spring and the HITW. Consider this an update.

As of right now, there is 23 days until the Anchor River will open for the first weekend of King Salmon Fishing and 24 days before my birthday, in case you were wondering! River conditions, the easiest breakup that I have ever witnessed, not a single ice jam on the river from eight mile to the mouth. Projection, expect adverse conditions on opening weekend, still a bunch of snow to melt down, especially in the headwaters of the river.

As of right now, there is 30 days until the commencement of Memorial Day Weekend and the second weekend of King Salmon season, however, do not forget we also get to fish Wednesday prior to Memorial Day Weekend. River conditions should improve prior to this weekend.

As of this date, we have about three weeks or 21 days (3x7=21) to prepare for the big weekend, I believe once you see the attached pictures, you can see we have our work cut out for us to get it ready, the HITW had a rough winter. Going to try to keep traffic out of the area until it starts to dry out, but I will be using the dogs to pack in equipment and start making repairs as soon as my new wading gear (birthday present) arrives so I can forge the lake.

At 1837 this evening, I tested the remaining snow pack for water content and ran a volume check on the water flowing out of Eagle Meadow, we have approximately 89,576 gallons of water to flow through the area of HITW before the drying mode can commence.

Nice Reflections In the Lake

Buff Wallow Roof Almost Clear of Snow

Wolf and Bear Den Still Snowed In

Easy To Find the Low Spots In The Terrain

Please note the stack of dimensional lumber, prepped and drying in anticipation of being cut up for "firewood" ~ don't forget the we still have the "big tree" on the ground at the top of the ridge that needs to be cut, hauled, and split. As far as the cook tent, the easiest way I have figure out to clean it up is to throw a can of gas on it followed by a match. Then start over new.


j, d plumma said...

looks as if our den was moved safe of the flood zone, but rarely sees sun against "Reception Lookout" Hill.
"Drainage before dunnage" looks to be the motto for Memorial Day at this point. The lower canal probably needs cleared of the toys, balls and miscellaneous particulate matter so the lake can fill the duck pond, but I would hate to be the one to wash out Old Sterling just for a dry camp.
Is that my hammer sticking out of the snow by the Duck House?!
I'll bet the Duck House' cellar is full of sand after the flood disperses. It may be time to release the salmon smolt from your hatchery project and dam the hole. We may be able to get some ice fishing in come January.

Golden Granny said...

It does look a little hopeless down there. Bring your mud boots and rain slickers or neoprene's to wear if things don't dry out a bit.

Shana said...

better dump the gas from the can first...not sure the can will light to easy...and WOW...what a mess...guess we will need a couple weeks to get it cleaned up...but thats the best part. Looking forward to it.

Stan said...

Well, we no longer have to worry about "Blue Duck" riding in at the HITW. We have the Wibaux County, Montana sheriff watching for him if he heads north. The County Sheriff of Wibaux County, which the town of Wibaux is the county seat has a Sheriff by the namer of Shane Harrington.

Shana said...

Hey dad...you have a camera...how bout some updated photos as the web cam from satalite to the HITW was a picture from last fall...someday I will be able to watch for myself but for now I am reliant on you to post a new picture every few days...please...I wanna watch it thaw....

RangerBill said...

Replacement tents are available from AK structures out of Las Cruces, NM(hell they have an Alaska map as part of their logo).
They are manufactured in Delta, just drift down the arroyo, cross the county line and steal one from Pedro Tentmaker.

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