Already preparing for our annual Memorial Day gathering

There has already been a little talk
of what the menu might be for feeding
our large gathering of family and friends and
still keep our heads out of the trash.
Right, Bears?!

Most would agree that a cheap
recipe is a good find for a crowd.
Here's a couple to get the list started :

Moose-and-Squirrel Meat Balls
(Especially useful recipe if main ingredients have been dead for 24 or more hours before harvested)

Pan Braised Squirrel
(skinned and gutted squirrels -- feet also removed)

~More recipes here~

With the variety of meals found, I will scrap my
bird and stray dog repellent combat project and go with it.
This talk of food brings us to another possible dilemma.

Although a fine craftsman with wood he is
and God bless that wise Eagle, but
the new "Duck House II" may not be ready
to accommodate a second line after dinner
and we should be ready to use whatever
it takes to keep our pit sanitary.
Maybe thunder pots?

Safety if always a concern when plans
are made with such a group and fire will
be a big part of anyone's business. Providing
Eric doesn't deep fry fish,

our surprise fires should be minimum. At this point
we should all be savvy on third degree burns
and the treatments of such. Prevention
should be the key to a safe experience,
thus, due to a previous event involving
Mama Buffalo and flaming dessert,
it is highly recommended that the
following defense training course
be taken by one member of each
clan before the meeting of clans :

On Your Guard

More updates on preparation to follow.
Shout out some suggests, K?


Anonymous said...

You are definitely needing more time on your hands!! Us Eagles can provide a little ash if you'd like? Do you suppose eating ash would be a bad thing? Or maybe you could sculpt something out of it? I have about a gallon of it - or more - I could save for you. Anyway, have a good day.

jd plumma said...

sculpting with it isn't a bad idea...

Stan said...

I have a special dish for this season, but I am not going to tell until everyonehas eateen a bite of it. Surely do miss my blogging, my sites have ashes on them - oh, that is just the volcano ash that Lady Eagle dumped on my keyboard. What are we going to with a gallon of ash? I do have one order for some authentic volcano ash from a niece. Can you ship ash?

Shana said...

Hey you promised not to tell!!!!and had my husband not used the fire extinguisher for a play toy it would not have been that bad!

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