Posted: No Huntin

Please try to keep this a secret, I don't want no Lynx Cat sneaking around my yard trying to catch my "pesky little rascals". We have been seeing what we thought was a single rabbit in our yard throughout the winter. Over the past couple of weeks it has become more brazen and will come up to the house. Tonight, we discovered it was not just a rabbit. At one time, we had two in the front yard and a third in the back yard.

The sad thing, after I have been fortunate to get some great shots of Dall Rams, Stone Rams, Big Horn Rams, Moose, Caribou, Deer, Elk, and even Buffalo. I am now relegated to shooting pictures of rabbits!

The three highly trained retrievers that live with us were sitting on the deck watching the flocks of Sandhill Cranes passing overhead today. They looked, but basically ignored them since they were to high, except "Ruger" dog. He gave fair chase to the flocks despite the fact they were cruising at an altitude of 1,000 feet. We get invaded by rabbits and they show even less concern.

Guess, it must be time to break out the old Parker Double "10" and put in a fresh supply of meat for Memorial Day weekend. We always have some type of chicken, I think we can pass off rabbit to the little ones as chicken without them knowing the difference. Grannie might object, she has develop a fondness for her "bunnies", for some reason, I can picture us having a garden this year just for the rabbits. Yes, sad to say she has named what we thought was a single rabbit, "Roger", now she has to go back to her "Name a Rabbit" book and select some more names, I am sure in a month or so we are going to be seeing a lot of little bunnies.

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jd plumma said...

Healthy looking specimen of AK wild hare! It looks as though it may have some domestic family, as well. A crossbow or blow darts would be the quiet key to a drawer full of flies...

Heidi said...

NO NO NO NO....there will be no shooting of the bunnies!!!

Heidi said...

Not with Guns or darts or beebee or ARROWS!! Camera's are okay!

Stan said...

Looks like in a week to ten days they will be solid brown. A good sign of spring when the rabbits start changing color, something I learned from an old Indian Scout.

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