Blue Duck and Belle Starr
Yes, this is Blue Duck, commanchero murderer and good friend of Belle.
He was pardoned by President Cleveland so he could die a home-a
priviledge he never deserved. He had been tried and convicted by
Judge Issac Parker of Ft. Smith.
Keep your guns handy, he may be a riding in.


Stan said...

Sorry brother, I do know just a tibit of western folklore, in this particular case I really need to call B.S., a term that was used quite often in the "Old West". As much as I would like to see a real likeness of "Blue Duck" it is virtually impossible since he never existed. "Blue Duck" was a fictional character (as all of his characters were) that Larry McMurtry's used in his Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Lonesome Dove. The t.v. adapted series which also won seven Emmy Awards. You could have almost sold this concept, if you had not used Belle Starr his lady friend, she was a real slut but she really did exist. The gentleman in the picture is no other than Diamond Jim, you was nortorious riverboat gambler and met up withj Belle Starr. He got his name by a large diamond that he wore in his lapel. He was mysteriously stabbed and the diamond came up missing, a late picvture of Belle Starr showed her wearing the diamond as a broach but was never linked with the killing of Diamond Jim. Doc Holiday was also considered as a suspect in the killing but without the forensic abilities that we have today, it was never proven how the diamond came inthe possesion of Belle Starr, it is for damm certain that "Blue Duck" did mnot give it to her.

Talking Boy said...

WWW says that is Blue Duck, which is not how I pictured him. The other WWW facts are as I found them-convicted by Parker, pardoned by Cleveland and died of TB. He was real. McMurtry like other good writers weaves a shred of truth in to make his work believable. Case in point Charlie Goodnight was real. Known for the Goodnight trail TX to CO.

Shana said...

Dont know much about old day bad guys...but you two sure do...father...I thought you brought us up to be law abiding citizens...it appears to me as your getting older and letting your walls crumble that my father had idols as a kid too...not Van Halen and Ozzy or Madonna...you realy hated these multi million dollar losers...I am not so sure Butch Cassidy and Sundance...or Jesse James were all that much better for idols of a young boy...Me myself prefer Robin Hood...now thats the man!!

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