Submission by the Ranger
Just a suggestion for the Grand PooPaw and the clans to consider.
Perhaps when an initiate is awaiting the Grand PP to vision and conjure
up an appropriate clan designation, the initiate could have temporary
status in the "Duck" clan(sorry about the quotes Don).
The initiate may have to spend at least 15 minutes a day in the
Duck House to perhaps get their own visions(or were they overcome by fumes).
When spoken to you may even coerce them to quack back.


Shana said...

Are you back...seeking visions in the Duck House? When the Bears are not there my trailor is available you do not have to live in the out house.

Talking Boy said...

Well that is a comfort. But I might seek a vision in the Duck house.

Shana said...

I dont know about no vision...be sure to shut the lid...some of those logs might be lethal.

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