HITW Update

Nothing new, just wanted to let you know! Reference to the Eagle Nest site will tell you why. Do have several other chores to accomplish, like building a fish cleaning and fillet table that I have been wanting to do the last ten years, planting the garden, planting flowers, going fishing, painting the deck, going fishing, painting the fence, going fishing and watching Terry mow the lawn. But, I assure you, our plans are being formulated in my thoughts and within the next week, construction will commence on the primary project at the HITW. It is a necessity along with a couple more loads of gravel. I did take the time while completing the final clean up chores at the HITW to re-calculate the sona tubes that were completed this past weekend. I discovered that it was out of square by three inches on one side and 7.5 inches on the other side. I had to dig up three of the tubes so I could place them correctly, but it worked out great, by the time I got each of them dug out the holes were big enough to make the adjustments so all I had to do was adjust them and back fill. Sure glad that I did not have to dig three new holes!

Also wanted to let you all know how much we enjoyed the two weeks that you spent at the HITW, just wish the weather had been better. Hope the "little ones" as well as the big ones were not disappointed due to the lack of organized events. We will make up for it with the gathering of the Clan on July 4th - hopefully! We just have to decide which weekend we are going to celebrate the 4th of July! Proclamation 2007-1: No more roasting innocent little peeps at the fire pit!


Heidi said...

All the kids had a blast and the weather prepared them for Girl Scout Encampment.
I kept telling them holes were wrong, good thinking with moving all those sona tubes.

JD Plumma said...

We were only following the FIRE PIT to square it off. Goes to show how the dominoes fall...

RangerBill said...

Yeah, the bench mark(the fire pit)
was askew. Garbage in, garbage out. I slapped my best nineties from faulty data.

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