Appropriately Named

Having been rained out of the HITW for the past 72 hours, I was able to once again return this afternoon to the project. I did manage to get one more section of the sub roof in before the dew drops once again cancelled work. However, I was there long enough to justify to myself that the Little Poopah and myself appropriately named "Sundance Kid" and "Butch Cassidy", they are very intelligent little outlaws.

When vacating their site, the Wolf Clan left behind a gallon jar of animal crackers that was about three quarters full. Through the humid summer, they have become stale, consequently I have been using them to get friendly with our little residents. The evening prior to the monsoon, the jar of cookies which was about half full was sitting on the counter. I remember distinctly checking the lid on the jar and making sure it was secure. Knowing that there was no way that they could get into the jar, I left it on the counter. Seventy two hours elapsed and on my return, I immediately went to get some snacks for our little furry friends since they had been ignored for three days. Much to my surprise, the lid is laying on the counter and the jar is nearly empty. I do not know how many of their friends joined in the party, but no way could the two of them eat that many crackers. Examining the lid, there are tiny tooth marks around the lid, somehow they manage to unscrew that cap - perhaps I should install an alarm system or at least a video surveillance camera. You think "Chip" and "Dale" were smart - they do not hold a candle to the infamous Sundance and Butch.


Heidi said...

That was a CostCo size jar of crackers, I hope they are stashing some for winter. Oh jesh, I hope they don't figure out door knobs.

Shana said...

lol me too....there are holes in my camper floor....and food in the cupboards...well if they do not poop all over...they can use my home for the winter.

Stan said...

Oh, don't worry, I am sure they will figure that out. It appears that the word has spread, by fall I look for an entire migration tothe HITW, a real Commune!

JD Plumma said...

great. A squirrel commune! Then they're likely to let the Barefoots and Loves in, as well. Maybe not if Bobby leases our camper, again, from the campground host - he'll eat the critters and chase off the riff-raff (there's not enough squirrels for everyone, ya know)!

RangerBill said...

chip and dales in Anchor Point?
I could have stayed and auditioned

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