New Residents

Since spending some wonderful hours in the peace and tranquility of the HITWRA, I have discovered that we have several new residents that seem real comfortable in the surroundings and the benefits of being in a hide-out. Although, I suspect as many as four, but for sure we have two resident squirrels (not counting the one that drowned) that have become brave enough to come out of their home in the alders to see what all the noise is.
Watching them for a few days as they tried to sneak into the cook tent to steal a tidbit of food, I decided it was time that they be welcomed as the Squirrel Clan. The first step was to establish boundaries, so the bird feeder in the Birch Tree was activated. They must have been watching, it took them about ten minutes to discover the buffet of bread crumbs. Since then, I have put them on a diet of animal crackers (Thanks to the Wolf Clan) and peanuts. We are now up to five feedings per day. They seem to be quite content sharing their feeder with the two Camp Robbers that just happened to fly in one day and take up residency. After two days of feeding, this evening I got up to within 18 inches to get this photographs before Ruger showed up. By fall, they will be sitting around he fire pit with us. If you are wondering if they have been named, they have. As of today, my apprentice and I decided since they were such little robbers and they live in the Hole In the Wall, the only names they could have is "Sundance Kid" and "Butch Cassidy". In time, we may be able to tell which one is which. Your next visit to the HITW, make sure you bring un-shelled peanuts. We are trying to maintain a healthy diet for them so please do not bring salted or barbecued flavor peanuts, as it gives them gas.


Heidi said...

I think I have gotten everyone to agree to come down on the 11th. So this year you will have some competition.
Please start gathering cardboard and duct tape. We will be having a river race!

Shana said...

Okay now people...we really need to put a calendar together...your all messing up my scheual....the buffies are heading south this up coming weekend...eric has a side job...this is the 28...I will be there...then on the 17th of August Tommi Leigh will be here...I will be down on the 11th now too...but I make just take up residance for a month...think Butch and Sundance will mind?

Stan said...

They do not mind, just bring lot's of goodies for them. Do you know how to run a chop saw? Been raining for two days, construction schedule has been set back, need at least five days of sunshine or atleast no rain to complete.

RangerBill said...

Spike could send them varmits into hiding.

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