Just to be sure we're all on the same page,

Keep your fingers crossed I acquire some
salmon (yes - salmon) bratwurst to try for
HITW slowly upcoming weekend.

It looks
as though I might
be extremely busy for
work at that time, but, a 'laxing few days
would be worth each ounce of effort spent
getting there. I haven't given up hope,
mind you. Just thinking realistically. No - really.

I hope Arnie's horseshoes are still lucky for the thaw.


Stan said...

Dang, great minds think alike, it is time to post to HITW. This should confuse most of the readers! Salmon flavored, oh, yummy, I can hardly wait - can't you get any that is shrimp flavored, I understand the Alpha Female likes shrimp. I to, am waiting patiently to see the garden and if any of the flower seeds that Devyn plnated so carefully sprout to the surface. Remind her, she and I have a date at the Wagon Wheel that weekend.

j, d plumma said...

She has spoken of such a date.

Stan said...

Sometimes daughters do not always "tell all" to fathers! Trust me, I know!!!!

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