Basic Numbers and Alphabet



Green Envelope
Did You Know That Maps Are Divided Into
Grids, Letters On One Side, Numbers On The Opposite
Thought You Might Like to Know, In The Event You Get Lost.


Stan said...

O.K., who used my name to make this posting, I am going to contact the Site Administrator. Eroctic Screamer, someone is using my pen name! Please look into this matter.

Shana said...

Hey Im not on that list!!! I did not get any of those combos!!!...Does that mean I get the booby prize??

j, d plumma said...

Who has your password(s) to sign in as you? I could "edit" your post, but not sign in for you - would have my name on it.
Let's examine clues ;

-All words capitalized,
-Red ink - as if important/urgent,
-Possible false information,
-Open-end ("someone...") -accusation(s),
-Hand writing not discernible,
-Not unlike prattle of sorts,
-Educational value ("..thought you -might like to know..."),

a mystery, it is...
unless Stan was sleep-writing and dreaming about calling bingco numbers.

Stan said...

Can't blame this one on me, I had nothing to do with it and know nothing! I am sure that my password is common knowldge, I know of it's existence at least in one den, I never, but never use all capitals or large font and never, never, never do anythng in the color of red. In my youth, red was bad as it represented communisim! Someone is trying to set me up by making everyone think I am behind this attack of numbers in the mail. However, I do beleive, now that I have all the numbers I have solved the mystery of the "Green Envelopes". On a recent trip to LA, I did happen to notice two letters (appeared to be bill payments) laying out that were prepared for posting, both bearing the same stamps as those appearing on the envelopes which were purchased prior to the Christmas season for mailing Christmas cards, since that time postage stamps do not indicate the price of the stamp. Now, who mailed out Christmas cards this year? I have also examined the envelopes, with modern technology I had to take mine to the P.O. to get "expert witness" advice, my letter was mailed in Anchorage, clearing the post office at 11 pm on February 23, 2008. I was in Anchor Point on that date and did not arrive in Anchorage until February 25th and the letters had already arrived at their destinations by that date. One other clue that was discovered, all of the letters arrving at the dens were addressed to the couple, i.e. Stan & Terry Harrington except for one particular den, it was addressed only to one spouse of the clan. My great, great Grandpappy was a tracker for Texas Rangers, he taught me at at an early age to "read the signs".

I am...ARMY STRONG said...

I'm still lost on the whole number/green envelope thing. I kind of figure it might have to do with a map thing, being the way the numbers are, are the same as locating on a topo map. So if im not here on memorial weekend, my woodpecker wife and my little peckers get to claim our prize? Yes i know what that sounds like, that's why i said it, LOL. little peckers, ha ha.

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