This "cabin" design is on the "long list" for proposed designs for future construction of permanent structures at the HITWRA. Although, not shown it does come with a drop down ladder system for easy access. Positive factors, let it rain, get muddy, and even flood. Negative factors, will take some time to steam and bend 2" x 6"'s for construction. The design committee will need to get construction bid from someone within the clans that has some concept on construction, plumbing, and electrical. We have to think outside the "box".


Stan said...

The ladder does show, left side and on the bottom, I hope you would not expect it on the roof. Foundation sonar tubes will need to be squared, does anyone remember how to slap a perfect 90. Figure the Pope can do one of these per weekend if we scale the size down slightly.

j, d plumma said...

That design should turn heads in AP!
If we build behind the bear den, we could incorporate the glacier and have a walk-in cooler.

RangerBill said...

I will slap you a ninety as you lay the centerstone.

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