Any more requests?

The photo's* are up, maybe, I will try to go back a few more years. I will add more weather as members join. The tides for Colorado will have to wait a few more years, Gore says about the time my kids are in their mid-life. Could you imagine the bottom fish in the Grand Canyon?

*if you click on the picture to the left it brings up a slide show of our pictures. If you click on the link in the top left corner it will bring you to the set. Check them out there are "notes" attached to some of the photo's.


Stan said...

Dang girl! You have been busy, loved the photo log and the weather report section is great, your Uncle should really enjoy all the of the Beaver Reports. Perhaps, someday, we can all go to Beaver, Utah where "Butch" was born and show those good folks in Utah the real way to camp at the Hole In the Wall - of course then we will need to go to Wyomining to see the actual Hole In the Wall, we might find some artifacts for the HITW Museum! I wonmder if people are starting to thingk we are weirtd - they just do not know good the advantage of good wholesome fun! Nice job, I appreciate your efforts and I think I speak for all.

Heidi said...

They can think we are weird all they want. What do you think about a cowboy theme this year?

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