Guest Schedule

The southern immigration of our lineage will be trekking north come Memorial Week. They are scheduled to arrive in the LA area on the evening of Saturday, May 26th. They are expected to make the final trek to the Hole In the Wall, early morning on Sunday, May 27th arriving at the HITW around 0800 or within a time frame of four hours on either side of that time. We may want to consider putting on an extra "cake" and strips of "pig" with a second pot of coffee just in the event that they maintain their schedule. After hearing a variety of exaggerated stories pertaining to the HITW, they have made arrangements to put a little distance between their abode and the camping area. Something about bears, outhouses, wolves, and noise! They will be staying at the house on Baycrest Hill, unknown to them when they rented it, it just a mile from the Winter Den of the Bear Clan. You would think that the Chamber of Commerce in the "Hamlet By The Slough" would post warnings as to the location of the various rental units in the area. They do have a disadvantage by arriving late, it will give us plenty of time to insure the proper "Welcome to Alaska" indoctrination programs are established. The group will consist of Don, his wife Thida, daughter Nikki, Dee Dee, and Jamie Thomas, a lifelong friend of theirs that I met at the Memorial Service in Colorado. They will be returning to the dessert on June 3rd out of LA.

Brother Bill will be departing Wyoming, with a brief layover in Beaver, Utah on May 1st, northward bound with "Spike" and his little truck. What he is going to be hauling is still unknown but knowing the way he drives, I will assume he will be arriving in LA around on May 8th or a week on either side of that. I do know he has to layover in LA for a few hours to unload a pair of goats. I do not know who ordered the goats! He should be well settled into the HITW area prior to the onslaught of the first wave of guests. Until he can get accommodations, he and our new campground host can bunk together.

I would expect to see the "local" lineage arriving on Saturday, May 26th consisting of Brandy, Darrin and Tad. Still have not received reservations from those that service the Pepsi Cola machines, however, I do not foresee them passing up the opportunity to spend some "quality time" with all of us. Perhaps, two fire pits will be order for this season.


JD Plumma said...

If the Pepsi machines are still empty come Memorial Day weekend, I know a Coke guy that would fill it. And - yes - two coffee pots. I don't think my 500 cup percolator will arrive until June.

Shana said...

I have my auto drip coleman...hehe guess it will be broke in good...oh I caint wait till spring.

William said...

are Jim's daughters coming?

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