Dear Everyone

I ain't done tinkering! Just a few more adjustments and we are rolling.
  1. Dad if you get me more Email addresses, I can hook everyone up as and administrator or, well, huh, I guess you are also an administrator you can also add them, then everyone can post.
  2. I will work on the weather...not that I have control over that, but I will make it so you don't have to leave your desk to see what it is like in your area.
  3. I will also try to get a photo album going.
  4. If you have better pictures for the heading, post them and I will decide. Remember I'm the ALPHA.
  5. If you have special links you would like added I can do that. John, you keep your hands off my HTML.

...and then I think we are rolling.


Heidi said...

Oh yeah a counter.

Stan said...

On line -looking good - but I really did expect to see a soaring eagle, but what can I expect being surrounded by turkey's.

Heidi said...

An eagle doesn't represent the clans as a whole. I was hoping you were standing next to mom in the picture on the right.

Heidi said...

Okay there are some more kinks...if you notice them tell me how to fix it.

Stan said...

I do not see anything "kinky", I will put an email list together for you. Notice tyhat the Plumma eatehr stration this morning was at 0 degrees - we have a heat wave it was up to 5 degrees the last time I looked. Your uncle is looking for an argument on his blog site pertaining to access laws! Give him hell!

JD Plumma said...

1. I'm an administrator as well, but, would like to ask to be hooked up on the hook-up.
2. I've always suspected you had something to do with HAARP ...
3. album must not be incriminating.
4. ..alpha?..
5. I've got some fun links, baby! I would LOVE to handle your html!

(do we have to roll?)

Shana said...

Man she is bossy looks good sista...your such a good tinker

Stan said...

"tinker" I was only kidding aboutthe tide chart - that is so neat, it is as good or better than my software program for tides. Adjustmetns are automatic to the Seldovia district by clicking onthe area you want, A.P., Ninilchik, Homer Spit, etc. Good job. However, I think we have one small glitch I could not get any tidal data for zip code 81401 which is Montrose, Colorado.

Heidi said...

I think, with time, and a little more melting, you will find tidal data for zip code 8140.

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