Crisis Management

I love crisis management, especially when their is no one left to manage. Work continues, but as I write a light rain is falling. That is something we do not need, the HITW is in prime shape in regards to dryness but still so much to get accomplished. had a good handle on it until my entire working staff decided they needed a sabbatical. First one sneaks off to LA under the guise they they were looking for employment that actually paid something. This gave my second helper the concept, now I understand she is slipping away under the cover of dark in the morning to also go to LA! What is this about going to LA? In three days time the entire population of LA will be trying to come to the Kenai Peninsula, no one will be home in the big city so why go there. The critical problem is that she is taking my truck, which is essential for my use on the project that I am hurriedly trying to complete. I guess with the absence of my truck, I will have to use the wheel barrow to haul my project down the hill. I would use the snow plow truck, but I still await the Homer and Plumma to fix the tailgate that they broke. A pickup is really useless when you cannot open the tailgate! "Good Day Sport Fishermen, the Anchor River is looking good for the forth coming Memorial Day weekend King Salmon fishing. The water levels is down in comparison to the previous year and slightly tinted, making it almost ideal. The Anchor River sonar counter when into operation on May 15th. The daily King Salmon count on Monday, May 21st was 165 fish which brought the seasonal count up to 756. Although, the run is in the infancy stage, in comparison to last year at the same time the seasonal count was 334 fish. How strong is the Anchor River King Salmon fishery? This little river continues to put the big boys to shame. The Kenai River sonar counter has been activated, the first day of operation it enumerated a total of 18 King Salmon. On the second day it counted a total of 60 King Salmon bringing the seasonal count up to 78! Anchor River 756 vs Kenai River 78, can we spell "effective management plan"? The Marine Troll Fishery for King Salmon has increased dramatically over the past two days, until now it has been slow but we are now starting to see the kind of fishing that we are accustomed to seeing this time of the season. It would be rated as good to excellent. The Ninilchik River has an emergency order opening the river to fishing seven days a week commencing May 26th through July 15th with a daily bag limit of two fish of which only one can be a "wild native fish". Bait permitted but restricted to one single hook. That is your sport fishing report for today, have a good day on the water and good luck with your fishing." For a more detailed fishing report, tune into KWAVE FM 105, KPEN FM102 or KGTL AM620 at 0715, 1215, and 1715 daily except on Saturday and Sunday the report is aired at 0815.


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