Today is the day I start down the road. My planned route is to go West from Cheyenne to
Evanston, WY. Then Northerly to Montpelier, ID up on US 30. Overnight there.
Tomorrow I hope to be in Butte, MT to spend some some time with Shirley.
Then from Butte to Spokane and into Yelm, WA for a "layover"
Then to Bellingham to check ferry prices then to laugh at those and cross into Canada
just Northeast of Bellingham. Then up Heart Highway to Charley Lake.
Then up Alaska Highway working my way to Anchor Point just in time for your
birthday. That all depends on the quality of the layover in Yelm. Do you suppose
Amber would fly South to drive up with me? Would you ask for me?


Stan said...

Appears to me you are going the long way to get here - what is with all of these layovers. Going north from Butte to Calgary will save you 857 miles but I guess going that far out of your way is worth a layover. You surely are misisng out on some good "work details" and beautiful spring weather. If you arrive here on my birthday, I won't have time to visit with you - King Salmon seson opens on the 19th, I do have my priorities!

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