Tonight, I am on edge of Bear Lake in Utah. Such a beautiful bluish
lake. Big also. Straddles the Utah and Idaho state line. Deep! And some
big fish have been taken from it.

Had to replace tires on horse trailer after a blow out blew one of my tires and blew my
confidence in the rest of them. That repair was done in Rock Springs shortly after I
visited Desert Wind. Spent last night in Evanston. Got my business done there this morning as well as a visit to Mother Mae's Main Street sandwich shop. Mother Mae is one our cousins on
Uncle David Riley's side of the family. Saw her and Vicky(another of Uncle David's daughters).
Then my planned stopover on Bear Lake at the KOA-wonderful campground by the way.


Talking Boy said...

Today I will head to Butte, MT.
North to Montpelier, ID, catch US30
through Soda Springs and Lava Hot Springs on into McCammon. North on 15 up through Pocatello, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Dubois, over the Pass into MT, through Dillon, and then Butte.

Stan said...

I do hope you gave all of our relatives our best, someday I might have the opportunity to see them again, it has only been 43.5 years! Perhaps it was the extra weight of Annabelle that played a role in your tires. What is going to happen when you start collecting the livestock you have lined up? By the way, the back yard of the Buffalo Clan and Wolf Pack is fenced. I am not sure abnout the backyard of the Jolin's but I am sure that it is, if not a picket line will work.

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