Maintenance Day

Today is the day, we will be moving the maintenance crew into the HITW in preparation for the coming season. The campground host that we had contracted with, Bubba, cannot be located. His last sighting was in a blue tarp tent on the Homer Spit, I think he found another job as a "bus boy" in a local eatery. However, I am sure he will be located as the Homer Police Department is also looking for him. Because pf his lack of commitment, I have decided to terminate his contract and assume the position myself! Annabelle is also out of the question, she was using the bathroom in a truck stop somewhere in Canada, Ranger Bill finished filling up his truck, thinking that she was in the horse trailer taking a nap, he headed up the highway. He did not miss her until he was down the road four hundred miles. He is assuming she is hitchhiking back to Wyoming.
The crew I have moving in today is my reliable crew, due to the attention on illegal aliens sneaking across our southern border, her mothers maiden name, I have cleared her through homeland security and have been insured that her family are documented. As of now if looks like it will be myself and Terry with assistance from Ranger Bill if he has recovered from his bout of Alaska Flu. Dutch, Goldie and Spike will also be on hand to remove excessive sticks.
Today will be a day of minor clean up and maintenance, the heavy maintenance and improvements will commence on Monday through Thursday. I am a firm believer that if you wait until the last minute, things get completed faster if you are under pressure. Some call it "procrastination", I prefer to call it "crisis management".
Daddy Bear was the first to camp in the HITW this year, spending the night in the Bear Den the last two nights so he could get an early start on his fishing. No doubt, we will be hearing about it throughout the summer, but he did catch the first King Salmon of the season. A portion of the activity schedule will be forthcoming but please feel free to add your own ideas that can be incorporated.


RangerBill said...

sneaked off to the "Washboard" to do my wash, internet a bit and drink a steamer. The scenery is nice here too.

Heidi said...

Hey you were supposed to be doing maintenance.

JD Plumma said...

We'll see if we can't get a relief crew down a day early - seeing how the hired help is more apt to daydream of steamers and the hills.

Stan said...

In his opinion of scenery, ladies coming in to do their wash and trying to sneak a peak at their undies while they were folding them.

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