Well what can I say, my truck overheated on Georgetown

summit just before I got to Soda Springs, ID. While they were

repairing me at the Chevy dealer, I walked the lot and drooled over the new trucks. Sure enough I could no longer resist, I got the nice Chevy Colorado like this one except blue and it

pulls the horse trailer very well. So I am pulling a WY horse trailer which I bought in Colorado, with a Chevy Colorado purchased in ID and my credentials are Colorado and am headed to Alaska. The geyser is Soda Springs itself. Stopped over in Butte for two nights and visited Lanny's daughter Shirley. Am bloggin from Great Falls, MT, fuel and back on road. Be in Canada tonight.


Stan said...

While you are out sporting around the country, I am working my butt off - where is Willie when you need him? Kick that new chevy in the butt and get up here, your "to do list" is growing rapidly. By the way, that Auction that you offered to help me with and do a few boats for me, that was last nighht - you missed helping again!

Talking Boy said...

Timing, timing is everything.

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