Emergency Closure

All those inbound from the North, South, and East (do not expect anyone coming in by boat from the West) an Emergency Closure will be in affect at the Hole In The Wall Recreational Area on Thursday, May 22, 2008 from sometime in the morning until sometime in the afternoon or late evening. The area that will be affected will be from Mile 0 to Mile .1 of Bronco Lane and the entire bowl area of the recreational area. Long delays can be expected on the Old Sterling Highway from the north mesa of the Anchor River Valley to the intersection of Private Drive and the Intersection of Private Drive and Bronco Lane. Those that are traveling and experiencing long delays to access Bronco Lane are asked to yield the right of way to all dump trucks and caterpillars. If your traveling plans are delayed, please feel free to spend a little time at the Anchor River Inn Lounge or at the Eagle Nest. Contractors responsible for the resurfacing the project area have assured us that the HITW will be ready for occupancy by Thursday evening, or as soon as they can get their CAT out of the hole.


j, d plumma said...

I remember the old flat-head Ford tractor. We can get 'im out when we arrive, if he's not out by then.

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