To Ranger Wild Willy

There are several highways that cross the Continental Divide in Colorado, as a family we have driven all of these high mountain passes at various times of the year. No doubt that Red Mountain Pass and the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado will bring back more memories than any of them. However, one that become a household name in the 1970's was the pass that crosses the great divide between Alamosa and Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Wolf Creek Pass. It is a modern highway now, but back in it's day, it was one of the most feared passes in Colorado. Two lanes of sheer terror, especially in the winter but it was also the entrance to one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado, the towering pines of Pagosa Springs.

No doubt bother, Ranger Wild Willy has driven this pass in an eighteen wheeler, so I will dedicate this song to him.

Quite by accident, I found this on the web, it will answer some questions that Heidi had earlier after watching "True Grit", where it was filmed and some stories behind the scenes in the movie.


Heidi said...

That True Grit clip was put together nicely. It is amazing how much has changed, yet hasn't. Did a little research on the layout of the land... I have a question for you... Whn ewe were kids, before Heath I think, we went to Colorado. We were staying with Aunt Dorthy, and we went to a family reunion. I was very sick and don't remember much, where were we? And how come the Gunnison River seems so familiar?

Stan said...

Good memory, you were not even born yet! Your mother, brother, and sister lived with Cliff and Dort for a short period until I could rent a home in Durango in 1970. However, what you probaly remember, we did spend a few nights with them on our weekly trips to Montrose. In those days, we had almost weekly, weekend family get togethers either at Cliffs or at the folks yard as well as the big family Christmas parties. The reason you remember the Gunnison River is that we would go to the South Portal on fishing trips and picnics on the Gunnison River, normally with your Aunt Pat and Uncle Joe. We also had a couple of family picnics up on Cow Creek and the upper Little Cimmiron River where True Grit was filmed. Cliff, Dort and Dalene still camp out there during the summer.

Shana said...

That used to be my favorite song!!...A scarry road from the back seat but one I would drive again just to see if it is as big as I remember it. Wow that sentance has a lot of two letter words...hehe.

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