I have decided to put off driving and try my Microsoft flight simulator

wings. I borrowed a DC3 from an old friend here in Wyoming. I'll

be airborne soon. First I had to load my stuff, then the trip began....


Beaver Trapper said...

By the way, I stopped and visited
Leah while passing through Oklahoma. She met for dinner in Ardmore. She works 3 months on, 1 month off. Teaching chemistry at Oklahoma U for Arts and Science.
For giggles-Google "Leah Oxenford"
her name is first to pop in multi
spots-some real brainy stuff there I don't even understand.

Stan said...

Glad to see you have surfaced once again - thought the tornanadoes might have got you in Texas. I beleive the last time you tried flying a plane into Homer on your flight simulator, you crashed on Beluga Slough. Might consider taking the bus.

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