Pat sent me an e mail with a comparison of homes of Gore and GW. Being a skeptic I decided to
actually see for myself. Interesting result.
At left the Western White House-Crawford, TX.
Very energy efficient and stewards water.
At right-Gore's excess. Gore is real phony.


Stan said...

Although, I find your posting very interesting as well as educational and a re-confrmation of my concept that EGore is a phony, I feel that it is my responsibilty as the Exalted Ruler to refer your posting to the Chief Administrator as to the validity of the content of the posting in regards to a site dedicated as the primary method of communication for sole purpose of matters pertainng to the Hole In the Wall.

Shana said...

You need to post a list of "official rules" Dont worry Ranger...we all blunder quite frequently as the chief changes or makes up the rules as we go along...all I want to say is thanks...now ALL the jokes will not be on my buffies and that poor wolf papa...welcome to the clan...thanks for taking some of the pressure...lol

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