Wolf Den Solution

Since the Wolf Pack has upgraded their wheels to a family friendly vehicle, it appears that that the Wolf Den currently occupied in Space One at the HITW is also without wheels. Knowing that the Wolf Pack thoroughly enjoys getting out and exploring the wilds of Alaska, I have researched alternative solutions for a camper that is adaptable to their new wheels. I think I have found the solution. A second solution would be to mount the "cab over den" onto a trailer, a snow machine trailer should fit under the den nicely and towed easily. The "den" weighs less than the "Duck House" and we all witness how easily the "Duck House" was transported from the Eagle Nest to the HITW.


JD Plumma said...

Good idea(s), Stan. Do you think we can get Papa Buffalo to ride with it when we hit the road? For safety, I mean. The Duck House would not have made it without him.

Stan said...

I think he would be susceptible to suggestions, the ride from AP to LA would be fun for him, give him an 18 pack and he should do fine. We will also need the assitance of Papa Bear and his four wheeler to load the camper. Come to think of it, we could also "borrow" his snow machine trailer, he will not need it until next winter.

Shana said...

Now thats crazy...and NO my husband no longer has life insurance...please dont risk my piggy bank!!!

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